Public Works

Sampson County Public Works has three service divisions: Water Operations, Buildings and Grounds, and Road Sign Maintenance. The functions of the department are to maintain all county buildings and grounds, the erection and maintenance of all county and private road signs, and the operation of the county’s two water districts.
Sampson County Ceases Water Cutoffs During COVID-19 Pandemic (The Executive Order for this service has expired)
In compliance with State Executive Order 124, and effective March 31 and for a minimum of 60 days thereafter:

Sampson County Public Works will not disconnect any residential customer for non-payment of their bill for this time period.

Residential customers will not have to pay any penalties if they do not pay their water bill during this period.

Sampson County Public Works will propose a 6-month repayment plan for residential bills not paid during this time period. Please remember, however, that you are still responsible for paying for the water you use, so payments on your account, even small ones, are important! Your water costs are only deferred, not forgiven.

Understanding the need for clean water to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Sampson County ceased cutoffs prior to the March 31 date.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
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      Sampson County
Public Works
Phone: (910) 592-0188
Emergency After Hours:
(910) 385-9040
Fax: (910) 592-7242

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday
7 am to 5:30 pm

Physical Location

827 Southeast Blvd.
Clinton, NC 28328