Combined Vehicle Registration and Property Tax Notices

For questions regarding the Registration Renewal and Property Tax Notice you received through the Tag & Tax Together Program, please review the following options.

Contact the NC DMV at 919-814-1779:

  • For questions regarding the registration fee shown the notice
  • If you moved your vehicle out of Sampson County and the correct taxing jurisdictions are not displayed
  • If the license plate on the notice was transferred to another car
  • If the vehicle on the notice is correct but now has a different license plate
  • To obtain a statement of property taxes paid at the time of registration

Contact the Sampson County Tax Department at (910) 592-8146:

  • To appeal the vehicle's value see the Appealing Tax Values page.
  • If the vehicle was registered in Sampson County last year but has moved to a new taxing jurisdiction within Sampson County that is not reflected on the notice
  • If you are active-duty military and your home of record is not North Carolina.
You may disregard the notice if:
  • You no longer own the vehicle and surrendered the license plate to the NC DMV
  • You do not intend to register the vehicle in North Carolina (Please be advised that if you own an unregistered vehicle on January 1st, you must list it for taxation with the Sampson County Tax Department each January.).

How to Pay the New Combined Notice
Payment for the new combined notice cannot be made at the county tax office. You will pay both the registration fee and property taxes to the NC DMV using one of these three payment options: