Animal Control Unit

The Animal Control Unit is responsible for enforcing N.C. Animal Control Laws, the Sampson County Animal Control Ordinance (w/ amendments attached), as well as investigating claims of animal abuse. The officers assigned to this unit are certified deputy sheriffs with full powers of arrest.

NOTE: The Sampson County Sheriff's Office does not operate the Sampson County Animal Shelter. The Animal Shelter is an agency located at 168 Agriculture Place, Clinton, NC. The phone number for the Animal Shelter is (910) 592-8493.


The Animal Control Unit responds to complaints regarding animal-related situations in order of priority depending upon public safety concerns and animal cruelty issues. For non-emergency situations, please contact Communications at (910) 592-1151, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. The telecommunicator will enter the information into the CAD system, and an Animal Control Officer will return the call as soon as possible. After-hours emergency response is limited to dog bites, potential rabies exposure situations, injured or sick animals where no owner is present, or when law enforcement assistance is warranted. After-hours animal emergency calls can be made to (910) 592-1151 or 911 (if law enforcement services are warranted).

The Animal Control Unit does not respond for calls related to pet owners who wish to surrender their animals or to lost and found pet situations. For these situations, please contact the Sampson County Animal Shelter at (910) 592-8493, Mon-Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. More information on animal surrenders and lost and found animals can be found here.