What if what I want is not available?

SCPL tries to keep a varied selection of books, magazines, DVD’s, and audiobooks on hand for our patrons.  However, due to limited space, we may not have exactly what every patron wants. If the item is either on-order or has been checked out, you may place a hold by contacting your local library or by following the steps below. There are two other options for receiving the items you want and they as follows:

Request an ILL (Interlibrary Loan)
Our library can borrow books and magazine articles from other libraries in the United States through a service called Interlibrary Loan.  Most books published more than a six months ago may be acquired this way (within 3 days to 3 weeks usually depending upon availability at the loaning library).  Patrons may ask for up to 4 ILL books for free during a 12-month period.  Any more titles acquired through ILL will be done for a shipping/handling charge of $3.  The patron’s account will be charged upon the library receiving the title, whether the patron checks the item out or not.  Magazine articles may require a fee for the photocopies.

Request SCPL purchase the item
SCPL purchases materials according to our Collection Development Policy We use review journals and online resources to help us pick purchases.  However, there are instances when we miss something, and we rely on our patrons to tell us.  If an item a patron suggests is suitable for the collection and would be enjoyed by a number of our patrons, we will be happy to purchase the title.  Patrons should contact the Branch Manager of any library to request the title in question and ask to be put on reserve so that when the item is purchased they can be contacted.  Orders for titles are usually placed during the last 10 days of the month, and depending upon fulfillment and processing times, are usually ready for checkout the following month. 

To place a hold online:

  • Go to our card catalog.
  • Search for the title you want.  You will see something like this:


  • Click Place Request.
  • You will be required to enter your library card number and your pin.


  • At this point you will be able to choose which of our libraries you want us to send the item for pickup, and you may tell us when you want us to start looking and hold the item (Activation Date).  For example, you may find a great Christmas book while browsing around in August.  You can change the activation date to November 23rd so you can read it closer to the holidays.
  • To finish placing your hold, click Submit Request.

At this point, you may get different responses:

1.  If the item is on order, you will see:

                                                 Simply click Continue to finish placing the reservation.
2.  If the item is available for checkout, you will see:

         3.  If the item has been lost (a patron didn't return it) or withdrawn, you will see:

                                   You may contact us to see if we can purchase the title or get it through ILL.