Rescue Squads and EMS

Sampson County Rescue and EMS is operated by the local county government. This unit of highly qualified individuals specialize in providing emergency services in critical and precious times. Below is a listing of the local EMS offices:

Clinton/Sampson EMS
Captain Jerry Bradshaw
P.O. Box 824
Clinton, NC 28329

          Newton Grove EMS
Captain Keith Lee

P.O. Box 82
Newton Grove, NC 28366


Roseboro Rescue and EMS
Captain Adam Pearsall
P.O. Box 891
Roseboro, NC 28382

Sampson County EMS
EMS Chief Erick Herring

530 Commerce St,
Clinton, NC 28328

  Suttontown EMS
Captain Bradley Jackson

5680 Suttontown Rd.
Faison, NC 28341