Animal Adoption

Ready, Set, Adopt!!!
Do you want to have a pet of your own to share good times with? Owning a pet requires great responsibility, time, and care. If you think you have what it takes to be a loving and nurturing pet owner then come to the Sampson County Animal Shelter to find that special pet! When selecting a pet, it is important to adopt one that best suits you, your home, your family and your lifestyle. 

This shelter offers a variety of adoptable animals to match your needs.

If you are looking for a lost pet, please check the lost and found section.

Before You Adopt
It is very important that your new pet is brought into an environment where both you and the pet can enjoy one another. Here is a list of a few things you should consider before adopting a new pet:

  • If you have family members such as small children or disabled elderly persons living within your house, you may want to consider selecting a pet suitable for those age ranges. Will the new pet be able to safely cohabitate with all family members? Will the new pet be able to cohabitate with pets you may already own?
  • Does your lease and/or rental agreement allow pets? There may be additional stipulations or costs; be sure to check all regulations prior to adopting a pet.
  • Are you aware of the local animal control laws? Some areas have stricter laws and ordinances. Please become familiar with the local laws and ordinances; not all areas have the same standard laws. 
  • Pets sometimes cause allergies. These allergies may be harmful to you or members of your family. If so, how will you handle this?
  • Inevitably, pet ownership and the responsibilities that come along with it causes changes in your lifestyle. Have you taken these potential changes into consideration? Will you and your family be able to make the adjustments?
  • All pets require time and attention, but some require more than others. Be sure to select an animal that fits your schedule and daily routine. Be aware of the time needed to care for a pet. If you have little time to offer you may wish to adopt an older pet. Some older pets are more suitable, calmer and already housebroken.
  • Pet ownership comes with a financial price tag. Have you taken into consideration the additional costs associated with owning a pet? Do you have supplies for a pet? Can you make a financial commitment to a new pet for the next 10–20 years? Are you willing to make an emotional commitment to a new pet?
  • Do you have a veterinarian? If not, you will need to choose one to provide future medical care. Please refer to the Animal Shelter home pages to obtain information on local animal hospitals. If you have other pets at home, it is important for them to be current on all their vaccinations. These will help protect them against any illness your new pet may have that was not apparent at the time of adoption.

Adoption Fee

Refund Policy
No matter how careful the shelter is in attempting to match the right pet with the right family, there will be occasions where animals will be returned to the shelter. Adoption fees are non-refundable. Only the Department Head can override this policy.