Family Caregiver Program

Completing the Care for Family/Friend Caregivers and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and Kinship Relatives raising children.

Who to contact?

Angela Faircloth
Certified Information/Referral and Dementia Care Specialist, 
Family Caregiver Specialist, NC Options Counselor, Tai Chi Instructor 

Phone Number: 910-592-4653 Ext. 5308

What is it? 
The National Family Caregiver Support Program was established in November 2000 under the Older Americans Act to help support families caring for aging loved ones.

Why is it needed?
The U.S. Administration on Aging reports more than 22.4 million Family Caregivers, across our country, are providing approximately $200 billion dollars worth of service annually to care for their loved ones. Our family caregivers, not institutions, are the main-stay of long term care for older person in the US.

Eligible populations that can receive assistance under the FCSP:
  • Family caregivers of older adults (age 60 and older), and
  • Grandparents and relative caregivers (age 55 and older) caring for children not more than 18 years if age. 
We give priority consideration to those with the greatest social and economic need, and older individuals providing care to persons 18 and under with development disabilities.
What services do we provide?
We have five basic services for family caregivers including:
(1) Information about available services
(2) Assistance gaining access to services
(3) Support groups and caregiver training
(4) Respite care
(5) Supplemental services



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