DSS Board

As outlined in G.S 108A-1, the Department of Social Services is advised by a DSS Board. The primary functions of the board are to hire and support the social service director, advise local authorities on social conditions and needs in the community and to help ensure effectiveness, efficiency, fairness and excellence in the public social services system. The number of board members is five:  two appointed by County Commissioners, two appointed by the N. C. Social Services Commission and one appointed by the other DSS Board members. The term of office is three years, and members can only serve two consecutive full 3-year terms. All members must be a bona fide resident of the county.

The Board of Social Services

The Sampson County DSS Board routinely meets on the first Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm in the 1st floor conference room of the DSS located at 360 County Complex Rd, Suite 100. The public is invited to attend. See the meeting schedule here.

DSS BoardSampson County DSS Board Members:

Mr. Franklin Brown (Chair)
Mr. Jeff Gray (Vice-Chair)
Ms. Pam McGuirt
Mr. Andrew Johnson
Ms. Blonnie Carr

  Seated (L-R): Mr. Franklin Brown (Chair) and Mr. Jeff Gray
  (Vice-Chair); Standing (L-R): Ms. Pam McGuirt, Mr. Andrew
  Johnson and Ms. Blonnie Carr