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Summer Reading Information
Summer Reading Program flyer

Summer Reading Registration will be from May 20, 2021 - July 12, 2021
Patrons will have the option to download and complete the registration form below and return to your closest library branch or complete an online registration.

Virtual Programming Links

Video links will be posted weekly in the space below and on Sampson Clinton Public Library's Facebook Page on Monday of each week.  

May Special Video:

  • June 7th-June 11th: Animals that Aren't Here Anymore- Dinosaurs (
  • June 14th-June18th: Camel with Komodo Dragon, Tortoise, and Coyote (
  • June 21-June 25th: Pets- Dog with Cat, Fish, and Gerbil (
  • June 28th – July 2nd: Forest- Owl with Racoon, Bobcat, and Bat
  • July 5th - July 9th: Farm- Cow with Pig, Horse, Chicken, and Goat
  • July 12th – July 16th: Artic- Polar Bear with Penguin, Narwhal, and Walrus
  • July 19th – July 23rd: Tropics- Gorilla with Monkey, Parrot, Chameleon, and Sloth
  • July 26th-July 30th: Savanna- Giraffe with Lion, Elephant, Zebra, Hippopotamus, and Rhinoceros
  • August 2nd-August 6th: Ocean- Octopus with Whale, Shark, and Dolphin
  • August 9th-August 13th: Freshwater- Turtle with Beaver, Otter, and Swan
  • August 16th-August 20th: Australia- Kangaroo with Koala, Crocodile, and Spiny Anteater
  • August 23rd-August 27th: Mythical Animals- Unicorn with Dragon, Griffin, and Phoenix

*For additional resources and activities to go along with weekly videos, click here (if you can embed this link, Gallery Grid (


Sampson-Clinton Public Library System (SCPL) has provided an additional tab, "Online Resource Guides", located in the menu toolbar. This tab contains various tutorials on how to access our many online resources such as eBooks, NC Live, Gale Testing Center, NCPedia, and much more.  In light of the NC Public School closings, these resources can provide supplementary content to help aid with student academic work. Moreover for patrons not able to commute at this time, there is online access to magazines, newspapers, and books.  If you have any further questions, please contact your nearest SCPL library location.


 Curbside Service (English) (Spanish

The Library Board of Trustees believes that our citizens:

  • Should have the information they need.
  • Should have help locating any available information.
  • Should have entertaining reading materials and DVDs.
  • Should have free access to computers and the Internet.
  • Should have libraries where they feel welcome and valued.

To do that, our libraries serve people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds.  We purposefully collect books and materials that our patrons want and need.  We upgrade and rearrange our libraries to provide more computers and free Wi-Fi access at all of our branches. We actively search for and provide online resources and downloadable materials that will help our patrons access the information and entertainment they want from home.

Sampson-Clinton Public Libraries still have books - lots of them - but we are so much more. The Library is a place where people gather to explore, interact, and learn. The Sampson-Clinton Public Library invites everyone to enjoy library branches in Clinton, Garland, Newton Grove, and Roseboro where they will encounter staff who are ready and eager to help with whatever our patron need. Please stop by one of our branches and stay a while. We would love to have you.




Sampson County
Library Services
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Hours of Operation
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Physical Location
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Johnnie Pippin
Library Director

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Children's Librarian

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