FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Fees for local residents ONLY:

Our adoption fee for dogs is $25. You will be required to purchase a spay/neuter voucher at the time of adoption.  Vouchers are $55 for male dogs and $80 for female dogs.

Our adoption fee for cats is $10. You will be required to purchase a spay/neuter voucher at the time of adoption. Vouchers are $$60 for male cats and $90 for female cats.

Our hours to view adoptable animals are Monday – Friday 1-5 pm. We are not open to the public on the weekends.

For Registered 501c3 rescue groups: 

Please send an email to aellis@sampsonnc.com to request a Placement Partner Packet. We will forward you the necessary information and paperwork to partner with SCAS. Once your application is approved, you may pull from SCAS at no cost.  Please do not let just anyone pull for your rescue. YOU are responsible for the animals that are pulled by the persons you authorized to pull. Your rescue and reputation are at stake, please protect them! 

For adopters/non-registered rescue groups outside of Sampson County:

You may adopt an animal just like an individual. However, you are not required to purchase a spay/neuter voucher as it is only good at our local vet.  If you are adopting an adult animal you will have 30 days to get your animal sterilized at your cost and provided proof of surgery to SCAS. If your animal is younger, that time will be adjusted based on the age of the animal. 

For all interested adopters/rescues:

How do I adopt/rescue an animal if I am out of area or State?
The best way to contact SCAS is by email at animalshelter@sampsonnc.com or aellis@sampsonnc.com. You can request a 48-hour hold for the animal you are interested in to allow time to set up vetting, transport, etc.  Put the name and/or ID # of the animal in the subject line. Please include your full name, complete address, and phone number(s) in the first email that you send us for easy reference. If you know when and how the animal will be leaving, please include this information.  (Multiple emails, faxes and voicemails are not necessary.)

If you are not local to SCAS, most local rescue agencies have volunteers who can transport animals to local vets for vetting and quarantine. If transport is needed, contact us and we will put you in contact with the local rescue agencies. Once you have received confirmation that your desired animal is available, you’ll need to contact one of the local vets to set up an account with them. Once we have verification of this, you will be responsible to arrange transport to the vet you've chosen. Health certificates are required by law for Out-of-State travel and are only obtainable by your chosen vet. Here is a list of local to semi-local vets that can help you obtain the necessary Health Certificate for your new pet to travel Out-of-State:

Tram Road Animal Hospital
56 Tram Road
Clinton, NC 28328
(910) 592-3102 
Veterinary Medical Clinic
804 Southeast Blvd
Clinton, NC 28328
(910) 592-3338 
Caring Hands Animal Hospital
121 North Blvd
Clinton, NC 28328
(910) 592-8046 
Warsaw Animal Hospital
1472 Hwy 24 & 50
Warsaw, NC 28398
(910) 293-3348 
(910) 293-4800

Highland Animal Hospital
3602 Raeford Road
Fayetteville, NC 28304
(910) 484-2131
Southern Oaks Animal Hospital
5733 Rockfish Road 
Hope Mills, NC 28348
(910) 424-3011

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