In-Home Aid Services

We are licensed with the North Carolina Division of Facility Services.  Staffing includes a Program Manager which is a Registered Nurse and twenty-three Certified Nursing Assistants. We provide In-Home Aide for Home and Community Block Grant, CAP/DA and Private Pay clients.  

We provide Personal Care Level I and II services which include assistance with light housekeeping tasks in the main living areas, food shopping, laundry, simple meal preparation, bathing, dressing, feeding, ambulation, and toileting.  The RN or CNA Supervisor will conduct In-Home Assessments to determine need and develop plan of care for each individual client.

Funding Sources for In-Home Aide Program
CAP/DA is a Medicaid program: Clients must have or be eligible for Medicaid and be nursing home level of care to qualify for this program. There is a waiting list for this program. See more information below on CAP/DA program.

Home and Community Block Grant program is for people 60 years and over, and who have a personal care need. This program is paid for by a block grant, but contributions are welcomed to expand the program to others in need. There is a waiting list for this program.

Private Pay is for individuals who are able to pay the hourly rate of $14.88 per hour and who have a need for personal care. There is no waiting list.

How do you apply?  Call Angela Faircloth, Information and Options Counselor, at (910) 592-4653 to apply over the phone.

Community Alternative Program for Disabled Adults - CAP/DA Program
The CAP/DA program is a special Medicaid Program under the Community Care Section of the Division of Medical Assistance.  The program makes care at home a real possibility for many people who face nursing home placement.  CAP/DA exists to supplement rather than replace the formal and informal services and support already available to an individual.

CAP/DA is for an individual 18 years of age and older who:

  • Is eligible for Medicaid;
  • Lives in a private residence and is at risk of being placed in a nursing facility and desires to stay in their home;
  • Requires nursing facility care as determined through the Medicaid prior approval process;
  • Needs CAP/DA services to remain safely at home;
  • Can have his or her health, safety, and well-being maintained at home with the Medicaid cost limit; and
  • Desires CAP/DA services instead of institutional care.

The key people involved are the client, those who provide care for the client, and the CAP/DA Case Manager.  There is a RN on staff who does an initial and yearly assessment for each client.

Services provided by CAP/DA:

Case Management
In-Home Aide Service
Waiver Supplies (Incontinent supplies such as pull-ups, diapers; Nutritional Replacements such as Ensure)
Home Mobility Aids
Telephone Alert
Respite Care
Adult Day Health Care

*Clients or the primary caregiver will choose the In-Home Agency which will provide their In-Home Aide to them.